Corporate & Investment Banking

Capital Markets

Our Equity Capital Markets team works with public and private companies in the Spanish mid-market segment. We have a combined experience of 30 years in the origination, structuring and execution of deals with exceptional international distribution capabilities.

Products: IPOs and other placements on the Spanish Stock Exchanges and MAB, capital increases, sales of blocks of shares via ABB processes, rights issues, etc.


Origination, structuring, placement and aftermarket services

We have structured and placed over USD 10bn of capital for our corporate and financial clients since 2009.

Our post-IPO services are also crucial and include:

  • Coverage of the stock by our Research team
  • Liquidity provided by our trading desks
  • Stock management services

Trading on the MAB, Spanish Continuous Stock Market and in international markets

ACF trades regularly on the Spanish MAB and Continuous Stock Market and, through StormHarbour, can also trade in any stocks listed on the European or American markets.

Specialist teams

ACF has:

  • An ECM team with over 50 combined years of experience
  • The top private Equity Distribution Desk in the Spanish market with a market share of 5%.
  • The Research team focused on the largest and best valued mid-market sector in the last decade

Global distribution

In addition to our broad base of domestic institutional clients (comprised of banks, insurance companies, mutual insurance entities, family offices, etc.) covered by ACF’s local sales team, we would also bear in mind that StormHarbour has 250 professionals with permanent access to over 1,500 international institutional investors.


Mid-cap companies

We specialise in mid-market companies which, in many cases, face their first experience in the capital markets.

Long-term relationships

We build up long-term relationships, accompanying companies throughout all phases of this process. Both from product and market points of view, our Research and distribution teams ensure coverage and aftermarket liquidity which are keys to the stock’s future trading success and stability looking forward.


We provide excellent execution of deals. From advisory services regarding the best options for clients until each deal is executed at the right time and with an accurate choice of methodologies, we lend a hand with all steps of the process, also including Stock Market Commission notices, listing requirements, dealing with other regulatory bodies, etc.


IPOs on the Spanish Continuous Market and MAB
Capital increases
Block sales via ABB processes
Right Issues

ACF/StormHarbour’s Debt Capital Markets Team is comprised of professionals with many years of experience in structuring and placement of debt deals both in public markets and as private placements for companies, financial institutions and the public sector.


Origination, structuring and placement

Origination, structuring and placement of all kinds of assets: senior debt (bonds and commercial paper), subordinated debt, Tier1, and structured deals (ABS, cash and synthetic securitisations).

MARF type deals or other MTFs

MARF (alternative fixed income market) type deals or those of other European MTFs (Multilateral trading facilities), as well as RegS and 144A formats.

Specialist teams

Deal-based investment bankers working closely with structuring and advisory expects, as well as sales and trading teams.

Global distribution

Global placement capabilities with distribution teams in Madrid, London, New York and Hong Kong.


Medium-sized companies

Specialists in medium-sized companies which, in many cases, are facing their first experience in the capital markets. The objective is to open up a new financing channel, as an alternative to bank financing, with different needs and requisites.

Long-term relationships

Establishment of long-term relationships, accompanying companies throughout the different stages of this process. From both product and market points of view.

Financial sector

The focus for the financial sector is on deals that require sophisticated advisory services and/or access to debt capital markets with a global approach.


Investment Grade
High Yield
Leverage Loans
Private Placements
Asset Backed Finance
Asset and Liability Management

Deal Trackrecord

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