We create added value ideas and provide access to markets, with the best execution, through our distribution teams, and our own and third-party electronic platforms.


We are from the beginning being an integral part of the Spanish Debt (Public and Private) and Variable Income markets, having contributed to their development and consolidation since their origins.

Company Access

ACF is an independent advisor with a local product, deep knowledge of the listed domestic segment and excellent access to company management teams.


Our credit team is specialised in corporate debt and structured credit, both placements of public and private instruments in the primary markets and as a provider of liquidity to our institutional clients in the secondary markets.


One of the first to adapt our operations to the MiFID II regulation. Offering Best Execution in all global liquidity centers.

Leading player

As a leading player in the Spanish Public Debt market, we provide our institutional clients with solutions, the market outlook, liquidity and better execution. As a result, we help them to manage their operations, including coverage of macroeconomic risks related to global Public Debt markets.

Our platforms for electronic access to markets, developed in-house, are a benchmark within the financial sector and allow ACF to connect to practically all of the financial markets in the world.

Leading independent national broker, with market shares ranging from 25% to 41% depending on the type of product.

Huge experience with an extensive typology of fixed income, cash equity and derivative products, in national and international markets.

Own electronic multi-market platforms


Ahorro Best Execution

Multi-market platform for trading and market data financial information via the Internet. Market making for retailers and counterparty for all types of clients in SEND


Multi-market platform for trading and market data financial information for institutional clients

Order Routing & Execution Systems (OMS/ EMS)

ACF offers its institutional and professional clients a routing and trade execution service that is adapted to the characteristics of each transaction, and that is accessible via direct connectivity or through international platforms and networks.

xRolling FX – FOREX in regulated market

ACF is a Member of the Derivatives Segment and Individual Clearing (MCI) of xRolling FX, which gives it full capacity to carry out and clear both its own operations and those of its clients.

xRolling FX is the alternative to CFDs for retail clients and the flexible and cheap hedging option for institutional clients.

Direct Market Access

ACF connects with the majority of world markets through agreements with third parties and provides direct access to the following markets:





ACF is one of the leading independent intermediaries in credit operations, with a sales team with global placement capacity.

Investors Access

Access to an investment world of more than 1500 investors divided by type and geography


Market connectivity ensuring robustness, resilience, minimum latency and maximum efficiency.

Client Base

The Group has a vast client base that is diversified by type and geographic location (aprox. 37% cliente entidad financiera y aprox. 5% cliente institucional final) como por ubicación geográfica (38% cliente internacional y 62% nacional.


Adapted to MiFID II, accompanying its clients in compliance with regulatory standards.

Electronic Platforms: Fixed Income, Equities and Derivatives

Pedro Soler
Pedro Soler
Managing Director CTO / Head of Electronic Trading

Pedro has over 20 years of experience in technology applied to financial markets and in Management of IT, Organisation and Post-Trading departments. He joined ACF in 1996 from the world of financial consulting, where he worked for EY. At ACF he is in charge of technological platforms and business development associated with them. He has an IT degree from UPM (Madrid Polytechnic University).

Javier Gómez
Javier Gomez-Escolar Magro
Electronic Trading

For the past 15 years Javier has worked in the financial markets: shifting from working on equity derivatives desks to the fixed income electronic trading desk. He also engages in telephone sales, acting as a liaison between voice and electronic markets. To carry out these activities, he has Eurex and SEND trading licenses. CIF (Financial Information Certification).

Andrés Martino
Andrés Martino Fernández
Electronic Trading

Andrés is a Swiss citizen with a Spanish background and has 19 years of experience in financial markets. He has worked for several Spanish brokers. For the past 11 years he has worked for ACF where he is a multi-product trader, for both public and private fixed income, along the entire curve. He provides coverage of international clients. CIF (Financial Information Certification).

Esteban García
Esteban García Nuñez
Electronic Trading

Esteban joined ACF 3 years ago from the corporate sector where he worked for Repsol. He currently carries out sales and trading, using Electronic Platforms, of Fixed Income and its derivatives for both the institutional and retail markets. He has Eurex, Send and CIF (Financial Information Certification) licenses.

David Moscoso
David Moscoso
Electronic Trading

Coming from the asset management industry, on its first year at ACF, David has worked for the equity trading desk, supporting equity derivatives desk too. He has SIBE license for that. He is currently focused on Electronic Platforms, carrying out trading of equity and derivatives, taking part of a multidisciplinary desk.


Jorge Garrido
Jorge Garrido
VP - Credit Sales

Jorge joined ACF’s Credit Team in March 2018. He began his career in 2013 as an equities proprietary trader at Auriga Global Investors, changing over in 2016 to the position of Sales-Trader of High Yield/Special Situations and corporate debt restructuring. He has a Masters in Financial Markets and a Masters in Private Equity/Corporate Finance, both from IEB.

Veronika Garo
Veronika Garo
Credit Sales

Veronika joined the Credit Team in January 2020. Despite her youth, Veronika began her career in Private Banking at Banco Santander in 2015 and later focused on the institutional Fixed Income business and continued her career at the government board of BBVA. In addition, he has experience in Credit and more complex products such as convertibles, CoCo’s, derivatives ... that he was able to acquire during his period as Sales Trader at JB Capital Markets. Veronika studied the Master in Stock Market and Financial Markets in IEB business school.


Manuel Bermudo
Manuel Bermudo
Head of Trading, Fixed Income

Manuel has more than 20 years of experience in financial markets and fixed income asset management. He begin his career at CM Capital Markets and has held various management positions at ACF. He currently trades for the Group’s proprietary account and manages a team focused on execution and trading of bonds, derivatives and inflation in various fixed income markets in Europe, the US and Asia, all in a multiplatform environment.

Gonzalo Olmo
Gonzalo Olmo
Trading, Fixed Income

With over 10 years of experience with our Group, Gonzalo has held various positions in areas such as Fixed Income Sales and Corporate Strategy. In 2014 he joined the Trading Division, initially in Market Making of derivatives and fixed income products. Currently, he is involved in trading and execution in various bond and derivatives markets - in a multiplatform environment - and also trades for ACF's proprietary account.

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